Crack your own code to a durable new energy! You have the built-in ability to burn fat for energy and Re:Sults will help you flip your own switch to a better fuel.


With Re:Sults from Vollara, turning your fat into fuel is easy. You won’t have to battle the sugar highs and lows! Instead, a strong steady drive replaces the up and down roller coaster of glucose-based energy sources. Get off the circus ride and engage your natural capacities in a smarter way with supplemental ketones.


That’s why Vollara, in collaboration with Dr. Richard G. Urso, developed Re:Sults. This revolutionary new supplement was designed to allow your body to fast-forward this process and facilitate fat burning as a primary fuel source…in about an hour!


With Re:Sults, you can shift your body from a primarily glucose-based energy to a fatty acid-based energy. When you do, you’ll begin to feel the difference in your energy level and see the difference in your clothes. This all-natural process produces exciting, fast results, and helps you start down a new path toward your wellness goals.


What RE:SULTS do you want?

  • Lose Fat
  • Gain energy
  • Increased strength
  • Mental clarity
  • Hormone support
  • Enhanced mood
  • Balance sugar
  • Enhance focus
  • All day energy
  • Better mood


Benefits You Can Expect:


Maximize: Fat Loss

Imagine being able to fit into that sports coat you’ve kept in the back of your closet. Or the dress you swore you’d fit into for reunion. When you incorporate Re:Sults into your daily regimen, it’s possible! Decreasing carbohydrates and sugars in your diet while increasing your healthy fat intake can keep you feeling fuller longer – and help your body burn fat!


Ketogenic practitioners advise a diet based in about 60% - 80% of calories from fat, 5% of calories from carbohydrates and 15% - 30% of calories from protein. Minimizing glucose, lowering insulin and raising ketone levels are optimal to maximizing your body’s fat loss.


Maximize: Energy

Ever meet someone who claimed to be perfectly happy with their energy level? Whether it’s tackling the garage reorganization project you’ve been putting off, or agreeing to coach your kid’s little league team, or not batting an eye at running those extra errands after work, having more energy – without a crash later on – is something we all want!


When you shift from a primarily glucose-based energy to a protein-based energy, you’ll feel the difference! This natural process is fun, exciting and can empower you to cut a new path to your wellness goals.


Maximize: Stamina

When you take Re:Sults on an empty stomach and half an hour prior to a workout, you can increase your stamina and feel the effects of having a better workout. Remember: moving your body will help you reach your fitness goals faster, and taking Re:Sults can give you the boost you need to get the most from your workout.


Maximize: Mental Clarity

If you’ve ever spent 10 minutes searching for your car keys (only to realize they were in your hand the whole time) or you have difficulty pushing past that 3 pm slump at work, you’ll love the effects Re:Sults can have on your overall mental clarity.


A diet high in protein can support a higher level of cognitive function. Several studies have confirmed the connection between ketones and healthy brain function. To maximize cognitive benefits, increase your fat intake by eating healthy fat- and protein-rich foods.


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  • How It Works:

    Re:Sults is designed to work with and without food.


    Our suggestion: Take Re:Sults on an empty stomach upon rising in the morning. If you exercise, take it before exercising on an empty stomach.

    Drink more water!


    Our suggestion: Drink half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water. We love alkaline, ionized LivingWater!


    Glucose is a fuel that is preferentially used by the body.


    Our suggestion: When you have a diet that is low carbohydrates/sugars your weight loss can be enhanced. Limiting the sugars and carbs in your diet while increasing dietary fat helps keep your body in a super-burn state even longer.


    Start slow and build.


    Our Suggestion: If your body isn’t used to supplemental ketones, just follow the easy guide below to a great result.


    Days 1 – 3: Take ½ serving of Re:Sults the first three days with 6-10 ounces of water. Gastrointestinal upset may occur with any exogenous ketone formula. If this occurs, simply take ¼ serving the following day for up to 6 days.


    Days 4 – 7: Take a full serving the 4th through 7th days with 6-10 ounces of water.


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